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Welcome to the pages of the documentation of products and projects RCConcept Flying Technology. Our flagship products are Hornet multirotors mainly used for:

  • recreational flying
  • FPV flights (First Person View)
  • photography and filming from the air
  • professional and scientific applications

Construction and operation of the multirotors is a complicated thing, so here we are constantly expanding knowledge base about the multirotors as well as all issues related to their practical application. We want to help those for whom multirotor will be the first remote-controlled model. We guarantee that satisfaction and pleasure of flying will compensate the hard work related to the acquisition of the new knowledge and experience.


You will find valuable information that will help you with finding out:

  • what is the concept of Hornet model
  • where to download the latest software
  • what is portRC
  • how to set the gyroscope digitalGYRO properly
  • what is the difference between dG104-AL and dG112-AL
  • what is needed to put Hornet in motion
  • over what Gimbal we are currently working on
  • what every Hornet has in the stomach
  • where to buy our products
  • and much more...

Enjoy reading...
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Worth browsing:

On what we are currently working:

  1. adding the information to what fw version a profile is adapted
  2. orientation angles corrected for various phases of flight
  3. I2C handler using the DMA mechanism
  4. analog coupling with the static pressure sensor
  5. saving telemetry data from the SD card easyCSDU
  6. OCTOcopter X8 with arms length 220mm
  7. synchronous start of the brushless motor
  8. accelerometer correction in different phases of flight

What are the standard platforms that can be purchased at the moment::
Hornet-X4S-XS Hornet-X4M Hornet-S6M

Licencja Creative Commons RCConcept DokuWiki is available on the license: :
Creative Commons Uznanie autorstwa-Użycie niekomercyjne-Bez utworów zależnych 3.0 Polska

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